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2019 Plans

February, 4 - 15

Around The Olkhon Island

Region:Tourism:Duration:Group size:Cost:
Baikal, Olkhon Tracking 12 days 6-12 people 34 000 RUR
Tracking on Baikal ice around the Olkhon Island, 140 km. Magnificent ice, mystery and power of shaman places. A paradise for photographers. Spending the night in a tent with a stove.
February, 17 - March, 2

Olkhon Island - Svyatoi Nos

Region:Tourism:Duration:Group size:Cost:
Baikal Tracking 14 days 6-12 people 39 000 RUR
Tracking (240 km) through the most important places of Lake Baikal. Transparant Baikal ice. Hot springs. Reliable tent with oven. One of the overnights beneath the deepest point of Baikal (more than 1 600 meters!).
March, 10 - 23

Baikal Ice Adventures

Region:Tourism:Duration:Group size:Cost:
North Baikal Tracking, ski 14 days 6-12 people 39 700 RUR
Tracking on ice of Baikal from Olkhon Island up to the North of Baikal (240 km). Never to be forgotten ice of Baikal, sleeping in the warm tents near the crackling stove, fresh-soup from omul fish and swimming in the hot springs in winter.
Designed by Dmitry Senotrusov