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Travelling on Baikal ice of 270 km along the west coast from Olhkon to Severobaikalsk.

My favorite trip. If you are thirsty of vivid impressions, come to this trip. Never to be
forgotten ice of Baikal, sleeping in the warm tents near the crackling stove, fresh-soup
from omul fish and swimming in the hot healing springs in winter. It's a proven fact -
after this trip the yes of the team members become brighter, suntan is super than
the one got at Bali. If you have ever visited Baikal in winter, you will be always
pulled back again and again.

Olhkon island. Sagan-Hushun cape. (Photo D.Senotrusov)Baikal Ice. (Photo D.Senotrusov)Evening walk to Hoboi cape. (Photo D.Senotrusov)
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17th March (S) Meeting at the railway stattion in Irkutsk at 8-00 AM. Departure to Olkhon (Khuzir) by minibus. On the way visiting Baikal museum in Listvyanka. Lunch at the caffe. Dinner and night at the hostel of Nikita Bencharov (Khuzir). Russian banya. Minibus
18th March (M) Olkhon (Sasa cape - Hoboi cape) 14 km
19th March (T) Hoboi cape - Kocherikova river
Hereinafter we sleep in the tent.
36 km
20th March (W) Kocherikova river - Kocherikova cape 11 km
21th March (T) Kocherikova cape - Shartlay cape 24 km
22th March (F) Shartlay cape - Sagan-Moryan cape 24 km
23th March (S) Sagan-Moryan cape - Zavorotny cape 28 km
24th March (S) Zavorotny cape - Elohin cape 36 km
25th March (M) Elohin cape - Malaya Kosa cape 24 km
26th March (T) Malaya Kosa - Kovrizka cape 22 km
27th March (W) Kovrizka cape - Kotelnikovskiy cape. Hotel accomodation. Hot springs "Kotelnikovskiy"
28th March (T) Kotelnikovskiy cape - Baikalskoe village. Baikalskoe village - Severobaikalsk (Minibus). Hostel accomodation. 36 km
29th March (F) Severobaikalsk. Rest day. Cafe food.  
30th March (S) Departure from Severobaikalsk  
Sacred place. Hoboi cape. (Photo D.Senotrusov)Sunset at Hoboi cape. (Photo D.Senotrusov)Morning at Kochernikov cape. Peninsula Svyatoy Nos can be seen in the distance. (Photo D.Senotrusov)
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For several years in a row, in March and April, I gather my friends and take them to Baikal to show the beauty and the energy of Baikal in winter. This trip is also a great opportunity to meet and talk to intesting people, to make new friends, to order the flow of the thoughts, to shake the body and get new experience of travelling.

All members of the team are equal. This means that all of us take place in building the camp, cooking on a fire, preparing the woods, taking part in the night-shits while looking after the stove in a tent and other team common affairs.

Having decided to participate in our travelling you admit that you will follow all the intrsuctions and requirements of the guide. Because they are made for the safety of the participants and aimed for the suceccfull passing of the itinerary.

We almost do not have any age limits. Children can participate only with parents.

What do you need to participate?
  1. Desire to meet Baikal.
  2. Readiness to participate in the team affairs being equal to other members.
  3. Physical ability to pass 25 km per day 7 days in a row.
How do we track?

While walking we pull the sleds behind us. Backpacks and skiing are fixed on the sleds. Usually ice is clear, without the snow at the first half of the route and then we walk. Closer to the north of Baikal snow is growing and then we ski.

How do we live?

We use a cozy 7-member-tent equipped with the stove which we light with the firewoods. To keep the tent warm we have the night-shifts looking after the stove. Usually the shift is around 1-1,2 hour per member per night.

Besides the russian banya at Olkhon (Khuzir) and hot springs at Kotelnikovskiy cape, we build banya 1-2 times per travelling.


We prepare the food in a pot on the fire. All the members help preparing the food. We have meals 3 times per day. Members wash their dishes after the meals themselves.

Please warn in advance if you have any food restrictions.

Our happy team. Rytyi cape. (Photo D.Senotrusov)Home, sweet home... (Photo N.Naumova)Coffebreak in the middle of Baikal Lake. (Photo N.Naumova)
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Cost per participant - $930

It includes:

  • Food (excluding lunch in the cafe on the way to Olkhon and 1 day in Severobaikalsk)
  • Vehicals
  • Swimming in the hot springs at Kotelnikovskiy cape
  • Visiting the Museum of Baikal Limnological Institute (Listvyanka)
  • All the nessasarry permits
  • Nights at the hostels at Khuzir (with banya) and Kotelnikovskiy cape
  • Night at the hostel at Severobaikalsk
  • Group equipment usage
  • Organization costs

Please have you personal money for:

  • The lunch in the cafe on the way to Olkhon and the food for 1 day in Severobaikalsk
  • Souveniers
On the way to Pokoiniki cape. (Photo D.Senotrusov)Evening. On the way to Sagan-Moryan cape. (Photo D.Senotrusov)Morning after the night at Sagan-Moryan cape. (Photo D.Senotrusov)
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Personal Equipment

  • Backpack (90-120 L)
  • Sleeping bag (-20 C)
  • Sleeping pads (x2)
  • Shoes: warm and light. (2 pairs)
  • Hats: warm woolen (x2)
  • Mittens or gloves (2 pairs)
  • Windproof jacket
  • Warm down jacket
  • Hiking trousers: warm (2 pairs)
  • Underwear
  • Headlight and extra batteries
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • Mug, bowl, spoon, knife
  • Thermos for hot water or tea (0,5 L)
  • Swimming suit for swimming in hot springs
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Individual First Aid Kit (if necessary)
  • Documents and money
  • Camera
  • Crampons for walking on ice
  • Socks *
  • Skies *
  • Sledges for carrying your backpack

* - You can take Skies and Sledges to rent.

Attention! Personal equipment (without Skies and Sledges) must not exceed 20 kg!

Morning after the snowfall at Bolshoi-Solontsoviy cape. (Photo D.Senotrusov)Life inside the tent. (Photo D.Senotrusov)Morning after the snowfall at Bolshoi-Solontsoviy cape. (Photo D.Senotrusov)
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Group Equipment

  • Tent
  • Stove for tent
  • Cooking equipment
  • Axe, saw
  • First Aid Kit
  • Repair Kit
Bargunda mountain. North Baikal. (Photo D.Senotrusov)Hot springs on Kotelnikovskiy cape. (Photo I.Sushko)Approaching the finish line at Baikalskoe village. (Photo D.Senotrusov)
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Phone: +7 913-009-6212
E-mail: snowteam@mail.ru
Skype: snowteam_ru
ICQ: 69156108